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Water Play Ideas for Kids in Hot Weather

Feeling hot, hot, hot this summer?! What a great excuse to get out the hose, fill some water balloons and set up some of the following water activities to keep your kids cool this summer!

Make a Water Blob

If you don't have a big enough paddling pool, you've got to try making your own water blob! With just a roll of heavy-duty plastic sheeting, duct tape, and a hose, you can create a water-filled, giant pillow that'll keep kids busy all day. Check out this tutorial from the Clumsy Crafter blog for some assistance!

Foam Water Table

For a slippery, soapy twist on traditional summer fun, try a colourful foam water table!

Simply add washing up liquid to your kids' water table, and mix it rapidly to make tons of bubbles. Try dropping in some food colouring and have the kids mix up a rainbow of colours. It's a great way to breathe life into an old toy.

Water Bottle Freeze Tag

Grab some spray bottles, fill them with water, and let your little ones run wild! A wild game of water bottle freeze tag is a great way to pass the time on hot summer afternoons. Got older ones? Switch out the spray bottles with their high-powered water blasters for a more mature version of this fun activity.

Ice Excavation

Are you on the hunt for water activities for kids who love to explore? Try this fun activity: Add small plastic toys to a water-filled bowl, or balloon then freeze it.

Turn the bowl upside down or cut the balloon off and release the block of ice for a fun excavation activity for little ones. Give your child tiny hammers (and plenty of supervision) and watch as they slowly chip out the frozen toys.

Water Balloon Piñatas

For a summertime spin on a party classic, try filling water balloons and hanging them like piñatas! Your kids can take turns batting them down one at a time or all at once for a splashing good time.

Duck, Duck, Splash!

This summertime twist on the classic kids' game "Duck, Duck, Goose" will keep little ones entertained all summer. The person who's been chosen as the "goose" walks around the circle with a big cup of water. When they finally choose the next goose, they'll dump the water over that person's head and then start running!

Water Hose Helicopter

Here's another classic: have your kids take a water hose and swing it around in a low circle, like a helicopter propeller. Everyone stands in a circle around the person swinging the hose, and when it comes to them, it's their job to hop over. Anyone who doesn't hop high enough or fast enough is out—and wet!

And When All Else Fails? Get the trusty Sprinkler out!

There's nothing like simple fun while the kids are off school for the summer. Whether you have a basic garden sprinkler or a super deluxe kid version like you can find at Argos or Amazon, a sprinkler always puts a smile on their faces.

With these ideas in mind, the warm weather can be a lot more enjoyable for everyone! Keep cool and have a great Summer!

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