Our Learning Curve

Explore, Discover, Question

At Country Mouse, we provide our children with an environment that enables them to explore, through free and focused activities, developing their innate sense of awe and wonder. All children are born with a natural sense of curiosity which helps them make sense of the world around them. With this in mind, we aim to provide situations where our children can explore widely and make discoveries which can then be developed to build further learning. In this way, children lead their own learning and are therefore engaged and see learning as fun. Our thoughtful and intentional practice supports each individual child in their particular development journey.


How this works inside…

The Country Mouse’s beautifully decorated, bespoke and homely environment promotes emotional well-being, as well as togetherness and friendship. Here, our children feel comfortable and confident enough to explore our nursery resources. We have re-created a home-like environment, with “rooms” that will be familiar to every child: a child-sized kitchen, a laundry, a bedroom, for example. Alongside superb purpose-built toys, children play with everyday objects they will all recognise from home. This encourages imaginative play and communication skills more than a toy with a fixed function. As they explore, they form their own questions, discovering answers and making connections.


…and outside

The Country Mouse’s extensive, outdoors area has a vast array of learning materials and opportunities. From our natural, Forest School garden, growing plot and mud kitchens to the climber and the music zone with its well-loved bamboo xylophone and metal-bin drum kit, there is always plenty to do. We have a separate, thoughtfully designed 0-2 years area for our smallest children.



Our busy, wide curriculum is lucky enough to include termly visits from exotic animals and the local fire brigade. We also have on board a qualified Primary School Teacher, in whose capable hands the children can be introduced to phonics, language, beginning reading, science and mathematics.

Our Atelier - we have an Outdoor Atelier Classroom and we have a Resident Trained Artist as part of our team.   Here small groups of children get to build their own art and language of creativity. 


Outings - in the Summer Term we have a minibus to transport us all to explore Petworth grounds and to visit woodlands and local farms.

The Father of the kindergarten,

Friedrich Froebel, said that creativity

and imagination are of central

importance to children’s learning.

They are not optional extras

or peripheral.

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