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What is our curriculum? 

To support our children in their growth and development whilst learning through play in a home from home environment. We keep our rooms neutral and calm to support children’s wellbeing and emotional development. 

We encourage our children to flourish through the support, care and knowledge of our practitioners who aim to enable all children, as individuals to grow and develop at their own pace. 

We pride ourselves on our open ended resources, which are carefully selected to ignite awe and wonder in the children and positively encourage them to ‘have a go’. 

Each practitioner evaluates children’s learning and development to enable them to support their individual continuous growth. 


How our curriculum is implemented throughout the nursery

Discoverers – 3 months – 18/24 months 

Within our Discoverers room our staff team help the children develop and learn through sensory play, books, singing, Makaton and Heuristic play. Building the foundations on the three prime areas of learning.   


Explorers – 18/24 months – 3 years 

Invitations to play are set up to spark children’s interests and encourage them to explore and engage in the activities. Once children are actively involved the staff team contribute to their learning through modelling play. 


Inventors – 3 years + 

Activities are set up based on children’s interests, the staff team support and extend learning by providing books, new language and modelling play. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring children are school ready. ‘What does school ready mean?’ Children have been supported and encouraged to be independent. This enables them to play cooperatively, dress and undress, use the bathroom, serve their own drinks and meals and are confident in what they do.  


How do we do this? 

Intent – what we are determined for the children to learn. 


Implementation – how we will put our intentions into action. 


Impact – the effect or influence the intention has had on the impact of children’s learning. 


Outdoor learning 

We have 3 wonderful outside areas which the children have access to throughout the day.  A dedicated under 2 area with summer house. A large spacious bark and child safety flooring area and  an amazing Forest Garden. Children are encouraged to explore the outdoors using a wide range of accessible resources to support their learning and development of the world around them. 


Enhanced Provision – we offer an extensive range of enhanced provision for all children, giving them a wide variety of experiences to capture their curiosity and facilitate equal and diverse opportunities for life long learning. 

Forest School 

Molly Moo Cow – music and dance coach 

Playball – Sports coach 


Gardening Club 

Cooking Club 

Animal Care 

Visitors; fire brigade, zoolab, police, dentist   

Local community visits which include; walks, library, green grocers, pet shop 


We aspire for our children to make the next step in their learning journey as strong, independent and confident individuals. 

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