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Hassle Free Holidays with a Toddler in Tow!

Considering heading off on a holiday with your toddler? While this will be a time to create magical memories for all of you, be prepared for plenty of times that will possibly test your patience. Holidaying with toddlers can be an exciting time for all involved and here are some hacks for a hassle free holiday!

Pack like a pro

Write a list before you travel of the essentials. Things you use everyday as well as the emergency items that are easily overlooked in the mad rush to pack. Remember to pack some calpol sachets, hand sanitizer, plasters and alcohol wipes. Consider a rucksack to take on the plane as hand luggage so you can keep all the essential with you whilst keeping your hands free. Pack a spare set of clothes, lots of wipes and tissues, and your child’s favourite toy.

Before you board

Look out for family areas in the airport. Some airports have play areas which can be essential when trying to burn off all that energy and excitement! Or just let them explore the airport. It’s a new environment after all and they may be very happy just to watch the planes taking off.

Make sure they feel comfortable

Going on holiday is exciting for everyone and it’s no different for toddlers. However this can quickly turn into feelings of overwhelm so make sure they have the things that help them feel comforted. A favourite toy, a snuggly blanket, or simply plenty of cuddles from you will be all they need to keep them feeling calm.

Give yourself plenty of time

Arriving early will help with your peace of mind. Rather than rushing from check in to gate, give yourselves time to relax and wander through the airport at your own pace. Not only will you feel more calm, it will help your little one to keep from feeling over stimulated and rushed in an unfamiliar environment.

On board

Pack some surprises to keep toddlers entertained. And don’t get them all out at once. Keep some for half way, and for near the end of the journey when the excitement begins to wear off. Books, colouring books and crayons, card games and sticker books. Pull one out at a time and leave the rest for another little surprise further into the journey. Don’t feel guilty about bringing along an ipad or phone for some songs and games too.

So with these points in mind, all that’s left is to enjoy yourselves! Be prepared, pack for every emergency, give yourselves plenty of time. Then you can get on with relaxing and creating those special, magical memories. Don’t forget the camera!

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