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What I Have Accomplished as Manager of The Country Mouse ...By Our Manager Amy Larbey

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I’ve worked with children since I left school at 16, and I’ve not looked back since. I completed my Level 3 in Children’s Learning and Development whilst working in a nursery, this helped me gain lots of experience in all ages. Last year I became a Parent myself, to my beautiful little girl Matilda. She also attends the Country Mouse Nursery and has come on leaps and bounds since joining.

Being a parent myself has really helped me in this role. Everything in and around the setting is done for the benefit of the Children. They are the sole focus and we implement this through child Led Learning; the resources and grounds we have here are a big part of why I love this nursery. Recently, we have had a yurt built in our amazing forest school garden, along with having our very own chickens! The Country Mouse Nursery is constantly developing a wide range of open-ended opportunities for the children to flourish and thrive in. I love the trips out we have to the library, duck pond, watching the Polo and many more! It is amazing watching them all in awe and wonder in new environments while out and about exploring.

I love all the fun activities that are done in the rooms. As a Manager, I am lucky enough to be able to walk around all the rooms and get involved in a vast range of fun and exciting activities. In the space of just one week, I witnessed volcano eruption on dinosaur island, a colour science experiment, lots of different sensory play, digger land and an activity all about cleaning up the ocean.

I love watching all the children grow and develop, through all the different rooms. Seeing all the individual personalities coming out all with their own stories and characteristics. Getting greeted every morning by lots of smiles and laughs, it really is one of the best parts of the job!

About Us:

The Country Mouse Children's Nursery is an excellent nursery in Midhurst, 10 minutes from Petworth and 20 minutes from Chichester, with childcare places for 2 months-5 year olds. We can offer your child fabulous fun filled days of activities to help them learn and make lots of new friends. We have a beautiful large garden with brilliant outdoor learning. Please come and see us, our fantastic classrooms and our magical garden!...and our very special staff team.

Visit the Country Mouse Nursery Website at:

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