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  • Jo Chambers, Manager

Is Your Child School Ready and What Does it Mean?

For young children starting school in September, it is an exciting time. However, it is also a time — and this is perfectly normal — for parents to feel anxious and nervous about their child starting school. Children can easily read the feelings and behaviour of adults, so ensuring positive responses and body language is really important. With preparation, and encouragement to build the foundations of core skills needed, it can be a smooth and happy transition.

Children are born with an innate curiosity to learn about the world around them and they have an eagerness to learn. The Country Mouse Nursery provides an environment where children can develop that curiosity and their own identity, explore and learn through their own interests, and be given the opportunity to express their uniqueness and become an independent learner ready for school.

School readiness is a measure of how well-prepared a child is to be successful in school socially, emotionally and cognitively. There are many characteristics young children should display when they are school ready. Self-sufficiency and independence are important in terms of confidence and personal care. For example, a child being able to separate well from parents and explore confidently their environment demonstrates strong emotional skills; being able to take themselves to the toilet, dress themselves and change their shoes demonstrates being independent in personal care. Other characteristics of being school ready include children showing an understanding that there are expected levels of behaviour, being able to take turns and share resources, being able to sit still for short periods of time, recognising their name. Not all of these characteristics will be achieved by all children and please be assured that this does not mean that a child is not school ready. The important thing to remember is that steps are put in place to make sure a child is developing these skills.

Promoting these skills in the early years is the best way to make sure that every child has the support needed to help them to succeed. At The Country Mouse Nursery, we offer fantastic opportunities for children to build resilience, to interact with adults and peers and to form positive relationships. Our aim is to support young children’s development so they are able to start school happy, communicative, sociable and confident, so they can put their natural curiosity to learn to full effect.

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