• Leanne Ammon

Christmas Gifts - How to get the Balance Right!

Three french hens, two turtle doves…and one hundred presents under the tree. When it’s the time of year that focusses on giving, it can be difficult to know not just what to give but how much to give. How do you strike the balance between too much and not enough? How much is enough?

In today’s world, with adverts designed to induce guilt and fear in every parent’s heart and wallet as well as the presents under the tree being somewhat of a focal point in every household, it can very easy to succumb to buying everything your little one asks for, in the hope of giving them the best Christmas ever. Who doesn’t want to see the excitement on their child’s face on Christmas morning having run down the stairs to see the tree brimming, spilling, tumbling with presents? But then, you don’t want to spoil them, you want them to learn the life skill of waiting and of patience. That finally getting something when you’ve longed for it is such a great feeling. You want them to experience the pure joy of receiving something they’ve long awaited. So, what do you do? How do you measure what is enough?

First and foremost, the whole premise of Christmas needs to be remembered in these times of desperately seeking the must have toy, perhaps even wresting it out of some other frantic parent’s hands because it’s the LAST ONE. Christmas is of course about giving presents that you know your loved ones and little ones will love, but it is also about reminding those very people just how much they are loved. And that doesn’t come gift wrapped. It comes from each other. The morning cuddles, the laughing together at a funny Christmas film, the playing in the snow (if we’re lucky enough to get any). The focus comes away from the presents, the toys, the stuff, and it shines a light on who loves them the most in the world. So, while Christmas is absolutely a time for you to enjoy thinking about and buying your little ones the things you think they’ll love playing with, it is also a fantastic opportunity to give them the chance to feel grateful, to say thanks and really mean it, and to know how much they are thought of, regardless of what is or isn’t under the tree. The time and effort you spend playing with your little one once the wrapping paper is in the black sack is what they’ll remember the most, the feeling they’re loved and worth your time being stored away in their sub-conscious and forever making them feel good about themselves. That is worth more than anything that can be bought and wrapped. That is priceless.

Perhaps all we need is to listen to our hearts a little more, and the demands for more (your own as well as your little ones) a little less. Then we’ll have a truer, more meaningful measure of Christmas. Not what is under the tree.

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